Born Yves Clement in Savoy, Yves Clement is a French artist who came to prominence in the 2000s for his black and white drippings. Clement studied at the Nancy City College (Art), and at the Grenoble University (Art History).

In 1977 Yves Clement worked alongside Andre Paccard at Atelier 74 and from 1981 through 1985 as the Official Royal Court Artist/Painter/Interior Decorator for His Majesty Hassan II of Morocco, Prince Heir Sidi Mohammed (who is now His Majesty Mohammed VI of Morocco) and the Shah of Iran, Reza Pahlavi.

Clement creates his works using a wood stick, a bucket of paint, canvas and the music and atmosphere surrounding him. By allowing the paint to drip from a stick onto the canvas upon which he physically stands, an image is reveled to him as a spectator of his own creation – he has no preconceived concept as to what will be created through him as he begin painting each piece. He must follow the signs shown to him, and work as a tool to create the powerful and spiritual faces and figures you see in his original works.

He was awarded for his “Sleep with Art” concept as Best Hotel Luxury Guestroom in the world in 2008.